Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This is the America that we believe in.
Too many never make it. In 2016, it’s estimated that over 5,000 people died crossing the Mediterranean, highlighting the
By: Karin Deutsch Karlekar and Christopher Hamlin In 2013, inventor of the internet Tim Berners Lee reflected, “When you
Parts of the memorial will have to be entirely replaced at a cost of $20,000.
Ask yourself these four questions. Can I criticize my head of state on Twitter? Can I join a human rights group to campaign
Laurence, your students inspired you to write this book. What historical narrative on the UN were they lacking? Laurence
America's relationship with Islam is fraught with tension. Donald Trump doesn't want to let any more Muslims into the U.S. He's not alone. But no one wins if Americans end up fighting an endless war with 1.6 billion people worldwide.
The prize is named after Cano, a Colombian editor who was killed in front of his newspaper in 1986 because of his campaign
Qatari authorities and FIFA, world football's governing body, were quick to dismiss our findings when we published them last month. But when FIFA's new President Gianni Infantino visits Qatar this week, he must confront the issue head on.
I understand the need for a democratic ally in the Middle East, and Israel's principles are closer to our principles than are those of its neighbors, but Israel's human rights violations should also be criticized.