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The singing talent show's prize is a recording contract with Walk's label.
Comprised of Chris Damms, Jules Buffey and Bryan Day, The Clear's dynamic is always shifting as Jules and Chris both sing and Bryan plays multiple instruments. Always writing their music together creates a oneness and unity, above ego, which infuses their sound with an authentic and multi-dimensional energy.
You've probably heard that Apple and the major labels are being "investigated" over Apple Music by the Department of Justice, the European Commission as well as State attorneys general for New York and Connecticut.
At Harvard, Gandhi is trying to identify unmet needs in the music industry and map those needs to services currently offered
Jay-Z also announced that the Made in America Festival would return to Philadelphia. Last year's festival featured Pearl
Legendary soul group The Temptations are reportedly suing Universal Music Group seeking millions of dollars in revenue for
The idea of big companies continuing to control their markets, and control the behavior of consumers, continues to march on. Even now, two major deals are proceeding apace, one in telecom and one in the entertainment world.
Madonna has signed a three-album deal with Interscope in which she will earn a base of $1 million per record. The pop star's
What's particularly interesting about the song is that those singing on the track are doing so despite the fact that the
The OohLaLA Festival sashayed onto the scene for a third installment of its French musical showcase. The festival featured a diverse lineup of contemporary talent, each exuding a certain je ne sais quoi.
If you're familiar with services like Pandora and Grooveshark, you might be asking yourself what the fuss is all about?
Spotify has reportedly made a deal with Universal Music Group, the behemoth among record labels, to distribute its music online in the United States.
Steve Jobs himself referred to his deal with the labels as a "license" in his rare and open "Thoughts on Music" letter posted
Antonio L.A. Reid has resigned his post as chairman of Island Def Jam Records, and joined the judging panel of "The X Factor
After almost two months on the market, Microsoft is reportedly getting rid of the Windows 7 Family Pack. The bundled version
While wireless providers like AT&T plan to sell netbooks in the US, don't look for them be be free. While providers offer
It's refreshing that a young, promising group like Arctic Monkeys and its producers were smart enough to reinvent the brand before it got stale and formulaic, which this project absolutely is not.
Jay Leno made his return to NBC last night at 10pm. While Leno's return to TV has been much hyped, the show faces tough competition
Universal Music Group is making its entire catalog available for free with subscription to the new UK Virgin Media website
Richard Carpenter: "So many people have said to us, 'We can understand every word to your songs,' which, with all the pop and rock records at the time, was difficult to do."