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Universal canceled the film, in which "liberal elites" kidnap and kill "deplorables," following a series of mass shootings across the U.S.
The studio had already pulled violent promos amid a string of mass shootings last week, and President Donald Trump had attacked it on Twitter.
Set for release in September, “The Hunt” depicts a group of gun-toting strangers kidnapped by "a bunch of elites."
Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer said the young actress "offers a unique perspective as a creator and producer that will resonate with all audiences."
Amblin reportedly released the following statement: As someone with great fondness for dogs and all other animals, I was
Jason Bourne By Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 14 My favorite scene is one of the first action scenes when James
My favorite scene is when Duke and Max run into a sausage factory during their journey home. At the factory they, of course
If you're still not quite ready to say goodbye to the 2015 holiday season, why not consider swinging by Universal Studios Hollywood this weekend? Where -- thanks to Ron Howard's The Grinch -- this theme park finally has a Christmas to call its own.
For nearly 30 years now -- ever since King Kong Encounter was first added to Universal Studios Hollywood's tram tour back in June of 1986 and that 7 ton, 30 foot-tall animatronic figure began blasting tourists with his banana breath -- theme park goers have been going ape for this massive movie monster.
"Steve Jobs" is far from the first movie to spotlight the tech visionary.
Everest is a wondrous, beautifully shot, perfectly acted, very Hollywood film and I could swear I felt snow brush against my face at one point. It's perfect entertainment.
Come the summer of 2016, Universal Orlando is looking to invert this formula with their brand-new Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction. This time around, it's us humans who will be set loose in Kong's world.
Vlad Dracula and Count Dracula; one was the Transylvanian-born prince of Wallachia, and the other is a villainous vampire, but in the movie Dracula Untold Luke Evans portrays an amalgamation of both.
Recently I watched the Universal Pictures movie Lucy, written and directed by Luc Besson, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. When asked about my opinion on the science in this movie, I have more than just one or two sentences to share this time.
The puzzle of how Universal Pictures will piece together Paul Walker's "Fast 7" missing scenes has apparently been solved
Titled the Studio Responsibility Index (SRI), the report "maps the quantity, quality and diversity of images of LGBT people
After frightening away the competition at the box office this past weekend, Universal Pictures is wasting no time in announcing
We may not be keeping pace with these pressures, but leading companies continue to evolve more sustainable strategies and tactics. Let's look at some top macro- and company-level stories.
When it comes to splatter and gore, you can count me out. But when it comes to classic horror films, movies that create believable even moving characters (however misshapen or evil) then I'm in.
The Minions were a huge part of the initial success, as Universal's marking focused on the plump yellow sidekicks. The little