universal pre-k

It's the latest early childhood plan from a 2020 Democratic candidate — and it could be the biggest.
This is the second in a series of five blogs that we will post on grit and what it means for poor kids.
The tax has been suggested as a way to pay for universal preschool in Philadelphia.
Governments could be receiving an extra $167 billion annually if corporations paid Reagan-era tax rates.
Poor students enter kindergarten already lagging behind their more affluent peers.
One more factor that could help: Experts are compiling more evidence about the effect that programs like paid leave can have
This week, we mark two years since President Obama laid the framework to provide universal high-quality preschool for every single child in America during his State of the Union Address.
Going into his second year this remains the greatest challenge for the mayor -- to make sure that New Yorkers know he is more focused on running the city as he is on fulfilling his progressive agenda. It's not an either-or scenario, he can do both.
It has come to our attention that your older brothers and sisters have been showing up to Kindergarten completely unprepared for the requirements of a rigorous education. It is time to nip this indolent behavior in the bud.
The mere existence of universal pre-k in New York is a giant step in the right direction. Amidst the hue and cry over dismal state test scores for third and eighth graders, we now have a new grade being established which can only be positive. But along with great opportunity comes great responsibility.