Morehouse College’s class of 2019 just got all of their student loans paid for by billionaire investor and philanthropist Robert F. Smith.
Sexual assault survivors are demanding compensation from the institutions they say enabled their attacks or mishandled their cases.
The oldest historically black women’s college in America has announced that they will begin admitting transgender women, and barring transgender men.
If institutions can have the rights of persons, should they not also be subject to the corresponding responsibilities?
Less time to review: Reviewers should only be given a few weeks to review papers. Every academic I've every spoken to tells
Answer by Salman-Khan, founder of Khan Academy, on Quora: More questions: Education: What would your ideal education system
Philosophy had a formative influence on me. It taught me to break down complex issues, and think them through. How would
I take on just two per semester so that I can give them the time they deserve, and I've been lucky so far in my choices. No
Meanwhile, hacking at home or on the job will teach critically valuable practical methods that most university graduates
In 2014 the Moxie Foundation partnered with Ashoka U to a grow and expand social innovation and the concept of social entrepreneurship
Being an astronaut is a second career. So, if you're trying to determine what university to attend, you should attend one
Key to "achieving the scale and momentum required for significant impact on the future" a2ru argues, are "strategic relationships
This is a time of year when colleges lure alumni and parents back for homecoming and family weekends. In the midst of so
But Mr. Blair is by no means the only one. As in most other dimensions of life, the US has been ahead of the UK. Some former
Unless the University reinvents itself for the new economy our revered institutions will suffer irreparable damage and be
There's this scene in David Cronenberg's movie The Fly that's pretty hard to watch. Actually, there are a lot of scenes in that movie that are pretty hard to watch. That's kind of the point of the movie, which is also kind of the point of this essay, but first, let's describe the scene in question in order to get to the essay in question.
There could be an issue of academic freedom involved if such warnings were required of all instructors. Perhaps an instructor
6. Note that epoche entails your public portrayal as an objective scholar and instructor. Privately, while lowered into your
That starts with students beginning the academic year ready to act on what matters most for their own learning. Analyzing
Diversity and inclusion matters and helps to bolster the fabric and potency communities. Universities can work with civil rights groups and community organizations to solve seemingly insurmountable problems.