Faculty members at the country's largest public university system say they're owed better pay, longer parental leave and other workplace improvements.
“This is intolerable,” the university’s president said after the incidents.
“No one should be afraid to walk from their dorm or their dining hall to a classroom,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said earlier this week.
Police said a witness in the area reported hearing gunshots, then seeing a man with a backpack walking toward the Vermont State University in Castleton.
College students and professors in Florida are suing over a new law that they say censors academic freedom.
Universities are great, but don't overlook the education and opportunities to be had at a community college.
But GOP senators stopped short of backing a Democratic bill that would ban colleges from giving preference to students with legacy or donor status.
DEI has become a core part of many colleges, but critics accuse the programs of fueling division.
Police are still investigating the mysterious crime but have identified the victims who were found dead in an off-campus apartment Sunday.
The fossils come from a period when our aquatic ancestors may have started evolving teeth and jaws.