University Admissions

Prime minister: Disparity in acceptance rates for minority students is clear.
Jahmia Edwards cried when she opened the letter saying she'd been admitted to UCLA, the college she'd dreamed of attending
Schuette is widely misunderstood as being a case about affirmative action. It is not. In fact, it leaves in place Supreme Court law recognizing diversity as a compelling governmental interest and permitting carefully constructed affirmative action programs.
According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, this year marks Harvard’s highest percentage of accepted black students
As colleges become more competitive, prospective students need to leverage special talents, skills and experiences to gain admission to their top college choices. Students need to market their specialty wisely.
I get it. Parents want the best for their kids. But I hope it goes without saying that it is also not helpful to yell, make lavish demands or divulge all of your family secrets over the phone.
"We want to send a positive signal to students who are grappling with the issue of [sexual orientation] or gender identity