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"You can go without sex. That’s much less of a problem than going through life alone, and without affection."
While this is just a small short-term study, researchers are surprised at how effective it is.
People who drank more than 30 alcohol units a week had the highest risk.
Taking the antibiotic doxycycline resulted in a 60 percent lower fear response, a new study finds.
In case after case, men practice violence against their families before lashing out at the public.
Previous research suggesting otherwise was seriously flawed, scientists say.
Yahya's last answer was a sobering reminder that what we accomplished was remarkable-indeed I had never quite witnessed something like that in my life. Yet it was a drop in the bucket to what is ever-desperately needed-and what people suffering in Syria and around the world deserve.
They found that women over 65 who drank 10 or fewer drinks per week were less likely to die during the study and follow-up
So there you have it, folks. Less negative talk, more positive action. Couples in which both partners gave up smoking, took
Shortly after Chimen died, Sasha penned a wonderfully warm and evocative recollection of his grandfather in The Guardian. Now he has expanded that essay into a book, The House of Twenty Thousand Books, which brings his grandparents and their world to life.
Freedom of inquiry and thought must surely encompass the right of students to discuss and think about ideas, including illiberal ideas. The idea that a "Nietzsche Club," in particular, is not appropriate for a serious university (one with several Nietzsche scholars on its faculty, ironically enough) is astonishing.
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In the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers from University College London and the University of Edinburgh
All the more reason to see the glass half full. "The study shows that older people who are happier and enjoy life more show
Heavy drinking among older adults has been on the upswing in recent years. A 2009 study revealed around 10 percent of men