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“I think we would be naïve if this was the only incident like this that has happened," one observer said after the Alabama betting scandal was revealed.
The controversial film provides an eye-opening look into sorority rush week at the University of Alabama.
The 23-year-old mother was shot and killed after reportedly refusing the advances of Darius Miles, 21, the now-former University of Alabama basketball player charged with Micahel Lynn Davis, 20, in her death.
Miles, 21, a junior reserve forward from Washington, D.C., and Michael Lynn Davis, 20, of Charles County, Maryland, were both charged with capital murder.
Tanna Sanchez-Carreto's acrobatic score for the Alabama Crimson Tide was one heckuva highlight.
A potential superspreader celebration erupted in Tuscaloosa despite the mayor's plea that the hospital was already stretched.
“You want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.” Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that carelessness about the virus over Labor Day weekend could trigger a spike in cases.
Stay up to date as we cover the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effects across the world.
The University of Alabama System unveiled a COVID-19 dashboard that tracks the virus's presence across three campuses.
The president attended the big game against LSU.