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M-J Milloy, University of British Columbia and M. Eugenia Socias, University of British Columbia North America is in the
Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for up to 70 percent of all cases. But it's not the
The university student found four "planet candidates" outside of our solar system.
Are you willing to drive farther for cheaper gas? Your answer says a lot about you.
Wade has studied and lived with Indigenous communities around the world for over forty years. I Interviewed him during the Paris Climate summit about what's at stake for indigenous communities.
The idea of having to 'preserve' the 'profession' is indicative of the terrible state of journalism, not just in Canada, but around the world. The profession of journalism is in trouble, ironically, not because there is not enough information in the world. Their problem is that there is too much information in the world.
I don't have any grand epiphanies on how we can turn the tide on a global, massive scale. I think it has to be grass roots, a kind of butterfly effect to make a difference. It has to be small acts that catch on and feel authentic and meaningful -- both to the giver as well as to the receiver.
ZSL and Project Seahorse are working with the communities and local government units to provide emergency support in the form of packs containing food, clean water, and basic medicines.
What is iSeahorse? The Issue The iSeahorse platform serves as a bridge between the scientific community and general public
Sauder School of Business Dean Robert Helsley and Vice President Louise Cowin condemned the chant in a statement to CTV, and
If your instinct is to reach for your phone and text an excuse (rather than calling to deliver your fib), you could be doing
If religious folks need a selfish reason to accept their atheist neighbors, consider this: it may not be too long before the shoe is on the other foot and the religious minority will be the ones hoping for a place at the social table.
This week in The Global Search for Education, Charles Ungerleider discusses our big picture questions and shares his views on how to nurture and support a successful education system.