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There are many facets of police work of which the general population is not aware. It is hard for non-officers to understand what officers experience on a daily basis and what the outcomes of these experiences might be.
Molten rock and water can be an explosive combination. Scientists are trying to learn why.
This year, Simon's Fund will be in Indianapolis with Giving Hearts a Hand, the John Stewart Foundation, Play for Jake Foundation and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to provide free heart screenings for high school students in Marion County.
Joining a slew of other student newspapers nationwide, The Spectrum at the University of Buffalo just released its annual sex edition. You can view it through the popular digital publishing platform Issuu -- but only if you sign in first and prove you are a legal adult.
According to the Spectrum, some houses at UB forced underage pledges to drink, doused pledges with hot sauce and spray paint
Frank Tierney, a residence hall director at the University at Buffalo, asked his girlfriend to marry him using ten floors of a campus dorm. He joins us via webcam with his fiancé, Kate, to tell us how it went down.
Redditor "ICanSeeYourFearBoner" posted a photo of the proposal to Imgur last week and then identified Tierney on a reddit
"That is swearing," Curry told police. "That image is fucking profane." (Editor's Note: This article contains explicit language
Brennon Hall, Joseph Mruk and Jonathan Ho were also arrested and are unaffiliated with the university. Police reports indicate
The winner of the "Boobs For Beads" promotion-- technically open to men and women, although ladies get in free-- will receive