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The road here was not a smooth one: it was full of potholes and detours. I started off taking courses at my local community
He was a star running back at the University of Colorado in the '90s.
An investigation by Greenpeace and the Boulder Weekly has found troubling ties between the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado public relations firms working on behalf of the fracking industry and the Koch brothers.
The number of students disciplined for drug violations dropped from 1,145 to 588 between 2012 and 2013, according to the
Several parents have responded favorably to their own taste of the college experience. A parent of the University of Colorado
Be seen as an intriguing outsider. "There's a reason why minorities -- Jewish-Americans, African-Americans, Muslim-Americans
As the researchers note, forensic scientists often use the development rate of various insects that begin to inhabit a decomposing
If there's any good news for CU-Boulder, it's that the flood has not claimed the lives of any students, and a 9/11 flag memorial
When her reported assault was investigated, the student said a school official told her that it was "slightly perplexing
"We suggested Chief Niwot and Chief Little Raven because they were locals living in this area, and they were known for being
Gilchriese was sexually assaulted in February by another student, and reported it to school officials in March. Her assailant
She said the sliding glass door does not have a screen that can be closed when the main door is open. Smiley said she is
Increasing corporate sponsorships to record levels of $4.1 million, including the largest sponsorship in history of nearly
A 21-year-old CU-Boulder student was rescued from Chautauqua Park after getting too high. Boulder County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived at the park after receiving a 911 call that a naked hiker was "high on mushrooms and in distress". Matt Ferner joins Abby to discuss.
It took rescuers about an hour to successfully restrain Powers in handcuffs, but once they finally did she was taken to Boulder
Distributed by MCT Information Services "I've got 3½ feet of a scarf so far," she said. ___ "I helped develop and improve
When it comes to income, Wadsworth noted, people can infer how much a neighbor is making perhaps by an expensive home renovation