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Just this week, McElvene had returned to his high school to meet with academically at-risk students.
What happened next changed many lives. It also showed the power of CPR-training kiosks. With seven more of these machines going into airports and office buildings around the country, it's my pleasure to share this amazing, powerful story.
The worldwide movement to divest endowments and pension funds from fossil fuel holdings is growing rapidly, having now reached well over two trillion dollars in commitments.
The judge says he's "not likely to succeed on the merits of his claim."
Catholic universities are uniquely positioned to make an enormous impact because of their moral mission and sheer size. There
While this decision was driven by our Catholic directive to be responsible stewards of our planet, we also recognize the
Check out for the whole list. But sees some schools are getting lost in the shuffle, and deserve some acknowledgment
University President Dr. Dan Curran even got in on the action and crowd surfed as the students chanted "Dr. Dan, Dr. Dan
Bressman said Fuchs must have "pushed the window pretty hard" to get out of it because it "wasn't opened fully." Multiple
St. Patrick's Day at the University of Dayton got ugly. A "40s at 4" party, highlighted by undergrads drinking 40-ouncers
Reports say university police initially responded to a fire alarm in an off-campus student housing development but found
This "diverse" and "accepting" university has expressly stated that it will never give the same rights to atheists that it currently gives to its LGBT, Muslim, or Jewish students.
Madison County Prosecutor Steve Pronai will meet with officials from the University of Dayton this week to discuss possible
At the University of Dayton this fall, the numbers are looking great -- 2,065 arrivals for the fall, about 300 more than
Gary Rivlan notes in his book, Broke USA, "the working poor have become big business." You wouldn't think that poor people would be a growth market, but businesses make big money off people who live paycheck to paycheck.