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By Ed Yong On Wednesday, a team of scientists unveiled a newly discovered dinosaur that had the body and sickle-clawed feet
Never had genetics research moved so fast.
A study shows eye contact has nothing to do with empathy and we may need to rethink its importance in our society.
New findings point to a potential decline in male health and fertility.
Those genes account for only 5 percent of the variation in intelligence scores among different people.
That's the conclusion of the longest-running study of human personality.
Higher temperatures could be a death sentence for migratory species, a new study finds.
Just when you think you've heard everything odd about Astoria, Marie Carter starts telling stories.
2) The MSc in Creative Writing from The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom). This program is a full degree program and
Ever wished you could peer inside your own brain? What's it like in there? Complicated, that's what. “The human brain has
Lead researcher Dr. Gareth Hagger-Johnson emphasized in a press release that a simple test of reaction time in adulthood
Here are some other interesting statistics noted through the Edinburgh study: "Facebook used to be like a great party for
Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland have demonstrated early detection of aortic stenosis using positron
We suppose in the UK she's practically royalty... but there's nothing like the real thing. Check out pictures of Princess