University of Georgia

The suspect allegedly used an object as a weapon in the crime, according to new court documents.
Twenty-two-year-old Laken Hope Riley's body was found near a lake on the University of Georgia campus.
No suspect has been identified yet in the case, but there is “no immediate danger” present, police said Thursday.
"I have come to understand more clearly where I messed up and why this behavior was wrong," Jarrett wrote in a statement.
The University of Georgia professor reportedly informed the student he had underlying health conditions and could die from COVID-19.
The school faced charges of hypocrisy because it had refused an on-campus site due to COVID-19 fears, yet plans to host football games with fans.
Twitter users identified the fraternity as Tau Kappa Epsilon.
After the honeymoon, you take the good, and you take the bad.
Meteorology professor John Gyakum has stopped using the phrase he helped coin in 1980. Still, he has high hopes for its newfound popularity.