University of Hawaii

Andres Magaña Ortiz has called the U.S. home for the last 28 years.
Super long commutes of 90 minutes or more are growing fast in more states as rent hikes force service workers farther away
A Hawaii case shows that not even "good hombres" are safe, Judge Stephen Reinhardt said.
The Facebook CEO has sued local landowners to keep his estate private, sparking anger and confusion on the island of Kauai.
In response to growing anti-Muslim hate crimes, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapter in Washington state held the first ever pilot event that educates Muslims on how to approach questions from the media.
In the midst of the most fragile of days for UH football, athletics director Dave Matlin's choice of the next head coach looms as one of the most important hires in the history of the athletic department.
Using assisted evolution, researchers are developing corals resilient to warmer and more acidic water.
At halftime of the San Diego State game, they booed. During the fourth quarter of the San Diego State game, they walked out. After the San Diego State game, they ranted on the radio. They are the few. They are the die-hards, and these are very hard times.
The Colorado Buffaloes come into town for a Thursday night showdown to kickoff what could be a make-or-break year for a man beginning his fourth year as head coach of the Rainbow Warriors. Here are the five big questions to keep in mind heading into the 2015 UH Football season.