University of Houston

The $3 million gift will fully pay for 30 students at the University of Houston's College of Medicine.
The Houston guard, who scored the winning basket, has game to go with his signature style.
No matter where I go in the world, Houston will always be home.
The monuments "have become symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism,” the university's president said.
Halftime had just started, and my teammates on the Anahuac High School football team in Anahuac, Texas, headed to the locker
One of the quickest and surest ways to success is to skip the trial and error process (or at least minimize it) and learn from those who have already "made it."
When crude oil prices sank this winter, companies scaled back their fracking plans in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale deposit, running from central and southeast Louisiana into Mississippi. Exploration and drilling is mostly on hiatus there until crude rebounds, industry members said last week.
Police said they were not able to prove the men successfully got any pictures with the animals, but one man did admit to
"The incident happened so fast and the threat had passed, so a security alert went out, but we are business as usual right
He had several stab wounds to the head, which authorities said were inflicted by Trujillo's spiked-heel shoe. By Andrea Lorez
"I strip for crazy people and then write about it so we can laugh at them TOGETHER," Tressler wrote on her Facebook fan page
Gabe Trujillo, a quadriplegic who has been in a wheelchair for more than 14 years and is an alumnus and current graduate
James Franco's education is characterized by epic accomplishment and defiant unreality. His recent admission to the University
March Madness is upon us, and it's going to be totally awesome, baybee! One bounce of the ball, one slip and fall, and one shot can make a legend or create a scapegoat.
HOUSTON -- In retrospect, Raul Ramos says his first eight years at the University of Houston were spent in "blissful ignorance
The University of Houston plotted to keep its acquisition of Rice University's student-run KTRU radio station secret as long