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By: Hira Ali Feminism. As powerful as this buzzword sounds, many people who are gravely unaware of its actual connotations
Over the past decade, we've wiped out mammals, birds, amphibians and more. And it's all to our own detriment.
Living with her father in Tennessee, Eugenie has pushed the envelope of long-distance learning from her rural bedroom. For her academic audacity and global vision, Eugenie will be awarded Luce Leader 2015 of the J. Luce Foundation at a special reception.
You don't find something like this every day. Taylor and his team have been digging at the site since 2010, with students
"Unusually, the 13 burials found during the recent excavations, of mixed age and sex, displayed a variety of burial traditions
For the study, physics students at England's University of Leicester calculated the force needed to stop four speeding New
A lost king Follow Stephanie Pappas on Twitter @sipappas or LiveScience @livescience. We're also on Facebook & Google+. Plenty features the students' entire study - fancy geek graphs and charts included - on their site. Christopher Nolan's
Dating site fraud is vastly under-reported and may have claimed more than 200,000 victims in the UK, research suggests. The