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By: Hira Ali Feminism. As powerful as this buzzword sounds, many people who are gravely unaware of its actual connotations
Over the past decade, we've wiped out mammals, birds, amphibians and more. And it's all to our own detriment.
Living with her father in Tennessee, Eugenie has pushed the envelope of long-distance learning from her rural bedroom. For her academic audacity and global vision, Eugenie will be awarded Luce Leader 2015 of the J. Luce Foundation at a special reception.
Archaeologists excavating an Iron Age fort in Burrough Hill, England say they were astonished by the discovery of a bronze
The team identified 13 different skeletons in the cemetery, the Telegraph notes, along with artifacts including jewelry, belt
Spider silk is famously strong -- ounce for ounce, it's at least five times stronger than piano wire, according to one recent
Fragments that may belong to the east window of Greyfriar's church. The female skeleton is merely a sidelight in the project
The hero Gotham deserves, deserves a bigger cape. He and the three other students are set to graduate this Thursday, and