university of louisville

Haley Davis, 21, was inspired by Kaitlin Bennett's rifle photo that went viral in May.
The university president called John Schnatter’s use of a racial slur “hurtful and unacceptable."
Papa John’s John Schnatter apologized after reports surfaced of his use of the N-word during a May conference call.
The punishment stems from a basketball team staffer paying prostitutes to have sex with players and recruits.
An antitrust suit against the NCAA’s price-fixing amateur model would benefit players -- and rid college sports of the worst corruption that plagues them.
For now, I will enjoy this Everything Bagel for all of its simplicity and charm. I may get a bit of cream cheese on my shirt and some of the toppings may fall off, showing me that life is imperfect, but who cares, this is the Everything Bagel and it's pretty darn good.
GOP candidate threatens to block the move in court.
I was stunned when Kentucky's Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton told the Eastern Kentucky University Progress (a paper that I wrote for from 1978 to 1980) that, "I would be looking for degrees that would land a job. I would not be studying history."
Daniel Krebs, a professor at the University of Louisville, took on babysitting duties after one of his college students’ babysitter bailed at the last minute. Monica Willard was getting ready for her exam December 2 when her babysitter called to cancel. She brought her 4-year-old son Marcus and 5-year-old daughter Mikayla to the final and set them outside the classroom.
The president joined a number of employees wearing stereotypical Mexican garb.