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Julia Michels, president of FUC, told HuffPost her group had no idea these were pop culture reference and that members had
"All we are in a position to say at this point is that to the University's knowledge, no known reports of direct threats
Women do not benefit in anywhere near equal measure from the Greek system, and they pay a high price being part of it. An estimated 40 percent of women in sororities report rape or attempted rape, much higher than those who are not in sororities.
The University of Virginia has suspended all activities at fraternities and sororities until Jan. 9. Phi Kappa Psi has surrendered
Originally, it started as a class project. We had to give a presentation to our class talking about the National Register
At the University of Mary Washington, an unusually bright and articulate student got in touch with me via Twitter to ask for my help in drawing attention to the 25% tuition increase just announced there.