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The FDA weighs in on this controversial topic.
"Disasters magnify fragilities that are already present in society."
“The way that they’re doing this is kind of through a crazy extrapolation."
Freedom was always precarious for black Americans who stood on the legal margins of society. Blackness and enslavement were
In an experiment sponsored by Intel, a Portland, Oregon household uses a low-cost sensor to measure air quality and stream
Many political commentators credit Donald Trump's rise to white voters' antipathy toward racial and ethnic minorities. However, we believe this focus on racial resentment obscures another important aspect of racial thinking.
Actors make their living manufacturing emotions at a moment's notice. Happy. Sad. Surprised.
A single payer healthcare system would correct the shortcomings of Obamacare, and save Americans billions of dollars. Instead of Americans soliciting healthcare from private insurers, everyone would have access to healthcare as right of American citizenship, similar to citizens of every other advanced capitalist nations.
Welcoming students from countries throughout the world is a form of soft power that enriches universities and all of their students and supports the concept of academic freedom while improving national and international security.
National Iranian American Council Policy Director Jamal Abdi said he hopes the university will change its position, and insisted
The NYT series gives a glimpse of how the anti-trafficking message is being put together, with creative uses of both the age-old idea of Indian women being fundamentally oppressed, as well as a newer idea that there is a feminist movement there positioned to resolve sexism, in part by abolishing prostitution.
We are happiest when we're in our native environments, scribbling in journals or tapping out love stories and action scenes and terrifying near-death experiences on our keyboards. Writing is the only cure for publishing a novel. The sooner we get back to it, the better.
Though I declare unequivocal admiration for our institution, I am troubled, nonetheless, by some longstanding issues that I cannot seem to reconcile revolving on a name, symbols, and a motto.
"I think it was a good choice in part of UMass not to notify the campus,” said Senior Michelle Shabo for one thought it was
I help people with their interior design and Feng Shui in the most non-traditional and interesting places all over the world, but this was a first: son Connor, a rising sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, moved into his frat house and asked for help setting up his room.
We're living in a world where the traditional model of a 4-year college right after high school isn't necessarily the best solution for everyone. With all of the advances in technology and education over the last couple of decades, education has stepped up to reduce the barriers to gain a degree.
Around 30 people in the 10-unit condominium complex were displaced by the fire and assisted by the American Red Cross, WWLP