University of Michigan

Steven Holtz, a junior defenseman for the Wolverines, helped his team win in overtime following a November trip to the ICU.
The charges come after a fight broke out in the Michigan Stadium tunnel on Oct. 29 after the Michigan Wolverines beat the Spartans 29-7.
Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh said two of his team's players were assaulted by Michigan State players on Saturday.
Video shows dozens of students at the University of Michigan protesting Dr. Kristin Collier, who has referred to abortion care as "violence."
University of Michigan professors Nancy Love and Krista Wigginton are applying urine-based fertilizer to heirloom peony beds ahead of the flowers’ annual spring bloom.
The Wolverines' head coach will reportedly sit out the remainder of the regular season.
Wolverines coach Juwan Howard, who was upset about Wisconsin's final-seconds timeout, said he thought it was "time to protect myself."
The settlement will be split between the more than 1,000 people who say they were sexually assaulted by Dr. Robert Anderson.
Mark Schlissel's removal was effective “immediately,” the University of Michigan Board of Regents said.
"I have no evidence of that," the football analyst said of his accusation against the University of Michigan team. "It was completely unfair."