university of mississippi

The marble statue of a saluting Confederate soldier will be taken to a Civil War cemetery.
“It makes it harder to say it’s not bad,” one recent black graduate said. “To say ‘I’m safe here, Mom, don’t worry.’”
A photo recently circulated of three University of Mississippi students posing with guns beside a bullet-pocked sign honoring the lynching victim.
Their photo at the historic marker to a lynching victim has sparked a possible civil rights investigation and suspension by their fraternity.
"We meant no disrespect but had to take a stand against the negative things that went on," said guard Breein Tyree.
On the front page of The Oxford Eagle, Jaz Brisack slammed the senator and her "misogynist policies."
And that's just the start. It's time to take the names of racists off our schools, libraries and public buildings.
It's clear something has to change. But what?
The plan is part of an ongoing effort to acknowledge the university's troubled past.
Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon, from River to Table by Langdon Cook “Blurring boundaries and complicating the oversimplified
The truth is that working remotely without going totally stir-crazy (or worse, getting fired) requires organization, discipline and a few clever tricks.
Applying to federal agencies and private foundations for funding might not be consistent with playing an anthem to the Atlantic slave trade at football games.
I saw my first Klansman in person last fall. We were standing a stone's throw apart at a rally to take down the Stars and Bars-bedecked state flag on the University of Mississippi campus in Oxford, a protest organized by the on-campus chapter of the NAACP.