University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Nebraska Professor Ari Kohen liked this Facebook post. Fortenberry's office came after him.
The spill this week is the largest in the existing pipeline's history.
Animal experiments showed that it protected them from typically lethal doses of the flu.
“I recognize that not all of my colleagues agree with me. I’ll do everything I can to persuade them, but they are my colleagues, and that’s just how it is with the Democrats."
Despite Coach Mike Riley's swift and deft endorsement of the players' right to express themselves, Husker Nation saw red. The milder among them called for the student-players to be expelled. Donors threatened to cut the program off without a dime. But it gets worse.
Welcome to college, where our first priority is to get your commitment to our official list of non-negotiable beliefs.
Pitbull always claims he's "Mr. Worldwide." That may be true in some circles, but if you've followed the career of Matthew Koma thus far, the distinction clearly belongs to him as well.
Our intolerance of intolerance, in other words, must include intolerance of intolerant terms.
The topic of sexuality is subject to the same principles of academic freedom as any other topic. Sexual harassment is wrong because it is harassment, not because it is sexual.