University Of Oxford

Experts involved in the Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial – and a participant – explain how it works.
Business secretary Alok Sharma hails deal between AstraZeneca and Oxford University to manufacture vaccine.
The diverse group of winners also includes the first transgender woman to be selected for the scholarship.
The "Crazy Rich Asian" star is also glad she skipped practicing law, saying she would have been "pretty miserable" at it.
One Instagram user even said that the two look like they're "about to drop the baddest mixtape of 2018."
Roger Bannister made headlines around the world at 25 when he ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.
A photo of the "small, pale blue dot" won a science photography prize in the U.K.
Fifty-five percent of all junk news traffic on Twitter can be linked to Trump supporters, researchers said.
And it's not just because Leonardo DiCaprio's on board.