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Now that former Trump University pitchman Donald Trump is the president of the United States, his Secretary of Education
The Post piece thus suggests a new mood of revenge on the Obama Administration for curbing for-profit college abuses -- and illustrates just how deeply the predatory for-profit college industry has corrupted Washington's politics.
The U.S. Department of Education today approved the application of the Apollo Education Group, owner of the University of
Employers who offer dubious "benefits" to their workers to attend for-profit colleges that are under law enforcement investigation for deceiving students should be asked by government regulators, media, employee unions, and individual workers whether they are receiving any compensation for steering their employees to these predatory colleges.
The University of Phoenix just announced that it will no longer require students to agree when enrolling to give up their rights to pursue in court any disputes with the school.
Today on her television show, in honor of the upcoming Mother's Day, Ellen DeGeneres gave a $25,000 college scholarship to Courtney, an Oklahoma stay-at-home mom who wants to be an ultrasound technician. That's fantastic. Except that the scholarship is to attend the for-profit University of Phoenix.
Lawyer Jamie Gorelick, who served in the Bill Clinton Administration, this year successfully pressed the Pentagon on behalf of the nation's biggest for-profit college, the University of Phoenix, to lift a suspension for alleged recruiting abuses.
The University of Phoenix's owner, the Apollo Education Group, is exploring plans to change the legal status of the "school
Arizona is not just the site of the only NFL stadium who naming rights are purchased by a for-profit college. It's also where for-profit colleges, backed by sympathetic legislators, some of whom take their campaign contributions, still seem to get their way.