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The state joins a handful of others offering the benefit -- but there are strings.
"We can learn more from our not-so-good experiences than we can learn from our good ones."
A feel-good report in the University of Rhode Island student newspaper about a longtime housekeeper and his beloved therapy
We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from last summer and its amazing success, raising money for research to cure ALS. What if that same spirit could be used to save children from starvation around the world?
Studying abroad contributes to global, regional and national economies in a significant way. It opens up doors for international trade, commerce and understanding, as well as for peace building, communication, and national security.
Scientists gathered in Alabama last month said their current research on impacts of the 2010 BP spill will help authorities deal with future disasters.
The website reports that a post earlier to the university's website read, "We are investigating reports of a person with
Andrew Pilkington wants to be a professional film director one day -- and his dream is pretty close to coming true. According
SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. -- The University of Rhode Island has become the latest college to ban a new drink that packs a powerful
Eonline reports that Pauly D was on the campus to visit a friend. Four officers were brought to the scene to control the
The trout are bizarrely muscular, with rippling abdomens that resemble six-pack abs and dorsal humps that give the impression