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More than half of the gun-related deaths were homicides.
By Michael Preston, UCF Forum columnist What would it take to create a more learning-efficient campus? What elements must
"It will over time diminish the scope and strength of the educational and research efforts of American universities," one school president said.
In the current climate, universities are frequently being judged by the salaries of their graduates. Taking it one step further
While the fundamental causes of coastal algal blooms are well understood, there is considerable uncertainty about the details
Protesters (various cast members) Cast, all images courtesy of Kalup Linzy Studio Tina (Noelle Madon), Gina (Rebecca Flanders
Some male college students say their schools violated Title IX by disciplining them for sexual assault. They aren't having much luck in court.
The timing is ripe for meaningful and historic changes in the provision of timely and effective treatment of health care for our service members and veterans.
For the past few weeks, I have been posting some very interesting scholarship presented by professional South-watchers at a recent Citadel Symposium on Southern Politics. Now, here are a few field reports about current developments in their states.
I have dealt with the South and southern politics in previous posts; so we are not going to break major new ground here. But I think it is worthwhile to update what some of today's experts are saying about the South and its role in American democracy and history.
The identity of SUV driver has not been confirmed due to extensive damage to the vehicle, the patrol said. It is unclear
Scientists gathered in Alabama last month said their current research on impacts of the 2010 BP spill will help authorities deal with future disasters.