University of the People

Federal law does not prohibit undocumented students from enrolling in college, but it does something nearly as effective
I began UoPeople as soon as possible. I had no Internet access at home, so I would go to a local cafe where I paid about
"I came as a teenager to the U.S. After graduating high school, it was extremely difficult for me to get an education before
While not everyone is granted the same livelihoods at birth, we do know one well-acknowledged solution to help break the vicious cycle of poverty -- through quality, accessible education.
Let Ada inspire many more modern-day "Enchantress of Numbers" to come to light.
Both Applegate and Reshef give us food for thought. Those of us that hold fast to traditional modes of learning might benefit from opening our minds and rethinking the delivery of higher education.
The recent tragedy of the stampeding death of a prospective student's mother and the mile-long line for individuals looking for last-chance spots at South Africa's public universities serves to highlight the importance of opening access to higher education.
Nope, it isn't a trick. It is a new university called University of the People (appropriately named) but the degrees are
Removing money from the equation, we will see in a very short time what universal affordable education will achieve in changing, brightening and modifying the world we live in.
No matter how bright an individual is, obtaining a ticket to a decent job and worldwide exposure via education is a bleak prospect for millions around the world -- until now.