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Weird News
A picture from University of Washington's archives has people joking the teen climate activist is a time-traveler here to "save us."
U.S. News
5 arrested at "Patriot Prayer" gathering in Seattle arranged by the College Republicans.
As noted, however, Governor Inslee has found that his most ambitious clean energy plans were blocked by the state’s Republican
Healthy Living
The keys are identifying what triggers your emotional eating and adopting practical strategies to respond more healthfully to it.
Healthy Living
During an emergent situation, rumors can have social and psychological consequences.
Taking a knee is a meaningless gesture when co-opted by an organization named after a racist slur.
Healthy Living
Negative responses seem to work in a cycle.
A new study shows people perceive heavier Asian-Americans as more “American” than their thinner counterparts.
Healthy Living
"Opioids are very dirty, nasty drugs, but they do have a role."
Seattle is among the leaders in hiking its minimum wage.
A new relationship—whether personal or professional—is a lot like buying a new car. Driving it off the lot is pure bliss