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"Balancing athletics, academics and the demands of everyday life overwhelmed her," her family said.
Now let's get out and vote. LA fascinates me because its density and clash of dreams and cultures creates a built environment
When it's really embarrassing, rely on the calendar...
The university said the SAE chapter created an environment that breeds discrimination.
Commencement speakers take shots at Donald Trump in offering advice to graduates.
He'll graduate next month from a public high school in a New Jersey suburb, one of those places where 98% of the class attends a four-year college. Some go to Ivies or near Ivies, many to prestigious liberal arts colleges, and another group to public research universities. That's my kids' peer group. So Dan and I exulted our way through April.
"I never wanted fame; I just wanted to be valuable," says Peggy Williams. Such a sentiment sounds terribly out of sorts in the age of selfies and YouTube stardom, where fame is the sole aspiration. For Peggy Williams, such a sentiment isn't hyperbole, it's simply the truth.