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The legislation only applies to interns in the federal government, but a companion bill would protect interns in the private sector, too.
Would it be easier to forget about doing internships and just hire somebody to do that job? Yes. It would also be cheaper. But if I hadn't gotten my first internship opportunity through The Fund for American Studies in 1996, I would not be where I am today. Without a doubt. So I'm paying it back.
Most unpaid interns aren't covered by discrimination laws because they aren't considered employees.
Connecticut's House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill on Tuesday that would protect unpaid interns from workplace
We are witnessing a vast change in the way we pay for things with tipping subsidizing companies, fees fattening airlines, banks and hotels against the interest - and often the foreknowledge - of the customer.
At my startup, interns are invaluable. We are running on a skeleton crew and interns play an integral role in daily activities. Over the last year-and-a-half, I have hired interns from a variety of fields from marketing to analytics to web development. Below are my key takeaways for hiring interns.
Unpaid internships have increasingly come under scrutiny as media and fashion companies have faced lawsuits claiming interns
For more, read our story about the Labor Department's enforcement efforts, browse the agency's internship investigation reports
Recent lawsuits surrounding unpaid internships and the discussions they started have persuaded many companies to revamp their
It's a coin toss. At least, that's how some feel about hiring interns. And if you didn't have any tools for finding an intern and coaching them, you'd be right. Lucky for you, you really can find interns who add more to your business than tweets, blog posts and their newfound knowledge about Snapchat.
This whole intern thing raises a few questions. Most importantly, how can these people in the banking industry be working so many hours when I can't even make deposit at my local branch after 3 p.m., huh? Oh, and I have other questions too.
Florida Gulf Coast University, for instance, advmichertises for an unpaid "Business Operations Intern" whose responsibility
Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) announced Tuesday that she will introduce the legislation in January. “Interns
You deserve to be paid for your time and duties during your internship. It's time to fight the outdated idea that "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" and working for free will get you ahead in your career.
"Just because the student is earning the credit doesn't mean that lets the site off the hook with their responsibility," LaBrake