We’ve all heard about the Paleo diet. Essentially, it is based on eating only the types of foods assumed to have been eaten
New York-based artist Ekene Ijeoma is taking on the screen addiction epidemic.
Instead of a digital detox or a digital diet or whatever alliteration could be made of what it means to take a break from technology, why not consider just doing something else with your excess screen time? This summer is a good time to start.
Sweet dreams! When I came to I was embarrassed at being caught snoring. Interesting. I had no idea. Can you imagine how often
As a young professional, I've often faced the dilemma of whether "unplugging" is acceptable for me. Do I provide myself the freedom to stop answering emails once I've left the office, or am I becoming a slave to the pinging alerts of my email app?
2. EMPTY YOUR QUEUE Next, it's time to go into super hustle mode and wrap up all your projects before you leave. Before I
We often seem to be confused. We make the events; we share the events; we enjoy the events, but only if we are in the moment. It's not our smartphones or apps that make them great -- it's the collective us who make them real and exciting and worth sharing.
All that retweeting isn't helping you learn anything about the candidates.
Since he burst onto the concert scene in 1983, pianist Stephen Hough has become widely regarded as among the most versatile and probing of artists. He recently spoke with The WorldPost about the challenges of classical music in the age of social media and instant messaging.
Admit it, you're totally checking your email.
Our guide didn't give a shit about photos. He didn't even have a phone. And he appeared to be really enjoying himself. Riding, guiding, chatting -- just having a good f*cking time. Not a bad life, I would say.
This 13-year-old blogger challenged "hypocritical" parents. Here's what he learned.