unreal lifetime

To be surrounded by a pool filled with gorgeous girls in bikini's and a cast so talented that Emmy's should be handed out
That would be an exercise in madness, because it would be pretty much impossible to find lengths more absurd than the ones
Both Shapiro and Appleby seemed delighted that this particular nuance went noticed and both exclaimed; "You really hit the
What goes on behind the scenes on a reality show like The Bachelor? Lifetime's drama series UnREAL takes a few guesses as
The former "Bachelor" producer says "likability" has no place in her dark reality-show satire.
"UnREAL" explores one version of the narrative.
Meet the protagonist of "UnREAL" -- one of the only leading female antiheroes on TV.
Did you watch "The Bachelor" to prepare for the show? I definitely was not a big watcher of any of the dating reality shows
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