Unrest, Conflicts and War

One of the rockets struck close to the American Embassy. The attack signals an end to an informal truce announced by Iran-backed militias in October.
The plan would run counter to military commanders’ advice, while still falling short of Trump’s much-touted goal to end America’s long wars.
A half century after Hafez Assad launched a bloodless coup in Syria, his family still rules the country.
With the election outcome still unknown, scattered and largely peaceful protests took place from Seattle to New York City.
Gunmen stormed Kabul University as it hosted a book fair attended by the Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan.
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha's government has outlawed news said to affect national security amid mass protests.
The hosts talk with Osai Ojigho about the importance of the African diaspora collectively taking a stand against police brutality worldwide.
Kyrgyzstan's leader said the strategically important Central Asian country was facing an attempted coup d’etat.
Six protesters could face years in prison over what critics say are trumped-up charges representing an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement.
Police say Ricardo Munoz threatened an officer with a knife after a call about a domestic dispute in Lancaster.