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Makers of "13: The Search for Leigh Occhi" delve into the 1992 cold case.
At 6 o'clock in the morning on July 26, 1879, Martin Walker passed his grandparents' homestead outside Atlanta and noticed
FOLLOW THE LINEUP ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE TRUE CRIME STORIES. Locals exchanged theories as to the identity of the murderer. Their
Then again, perhaps Jack the Ripper was actually a Jill. Some have proposed that the real reason the Ripper case went cold
On the 14 of June 1497, Giovanni Borgia, son of then-Pope Alexander VI, was murdered in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome. Last seen
"Here are four individuals, who disappeared from whatever family nucleus they were in, and we haven't come to an understanding of who they are."
While it is the job of police in Illinois to solve crimes committed in the state, not every crime ends with an explanation and a conviction. The Illinois State Police has a list of 24 unsolved murders since September 1974, in hopes that it may lead to new information, tips or leads from the public.
The state removed the children from the home after Peter Boy's disappearance. Peter Boy's step-siblings went to live with
NOTE: Our map was compiled using open missing cases data from The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System and the
Mary Higgins Clark isn't sharp and edgy; she is interesting and fun. She doesn't pile on the gore but rather just piles on the suspense. She makes reading her books an enjoyable experience.
Calls to the Scurry County Sheriff’s Office were referred to the Texas Rangers Friday. The Texas Rangers responded via email
According to Deborah's close friend, Loni Reeder, she had planned the ride for about a week. In the scheme of horrifying
If witnesses are unwilling to talk to police, then no increase in the number of investigators will close these cases. The police responsibility, then, is to earn the respect and cooperation of citizens in the neighborhoods where these homicides occur.
Judge Fred Woods, writing for a three-judge panel of the Second Appellate District on Dec. 17, cited a California statute
When it comes to horror, we like it ripped from the headlines, or so suggests the rise in popularity of true-crime thrillers.
Authorities have found an old Studebaker believed to be related to the 1971 disappearance of two 17-year-old South Dakota girls, officials said Monday.
But in an exclusive interview aired Sunday night with WDIV in Detroit, purported mob member Tony Zerilli says he really knows