Unsolved Murder

Steve Pankey, 64, said police in Colorado have named him as a person of interest in 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews' death.
"We know what happened to Nanette Krentel," said an investigator. The only mystery is the coroner's ruling.
Nathan Carman was a suspect in the 2013 murder of his grandfather, which is still unsolved.
"At first, it looked like a sack floating. Then I saw it was the body of a girl."
Penny's sister Shannon was found dead in her car at the bottom of a cliff more than five years ago, and her death was ruled
Now Shannon's sister, Penny, reveals that she believes their father was behind the murder. "My dad has told me that if he
Terry Anderson, who was known to friends as "Topwater Terry" because of his passion for muskie fishing, worked for a tree
Hibbs remembers little more about his time in the ambulance until the paramedic brought him news of his mom. The other lead
According to Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Ted Kajani, the existence of the quilt -- a patchwork of bright