If you find yourself doing the same old thing, you are undoubtedly getting the same old result. Here are five tweaks that will make all the difference:
That moment gifted me with a level of tenacity and leverage I challenge you is unmatched. You drop the limiting stories and
We, personally, left many fears in the jungle, often through little or no conscious effort. What's more, we came home with the realization that if we could survive in the jungle, we could endure anything. Our tolerance for turmoil was leaps and bounds bigger than before.
In today's world, boardrooms lack women, medicine is male-centered and girls are prevented from getting an education. Swimming against historical perspectives, experts in fields such as business, education and psychology create new collaborations for change.
The "Unstoppable" trailer has since reappeared on YouTube. "Unstoppable" is written by Cameron, directed by music video veteran
Kirk Cameron's new movie trailer is getting blocked by some social media giants.
In a time when mainstream Hollywood seemed to make nothing other than franchises and fantasy tentpoles, Tony Scott continued churning out high-quality star-driven genre fare for adults. He is gone now, but his unexpectedly important legacy is not forgotten.
A montage of scenes from movies directed by the late Tony Scott
Over the next few days, we'll certainly learn more and more about why Mr. Scott made the decision that he made - reports are already surfacing that he had inoperable brain cancer. But, I always assumed that the man who made the first movie that my father and I both enjoyed together had more left. I just always assumed there would be another Tony Scott movie coming. And now, knowing that there won't be, makes me incredibly sad.
Complaint. Don't leave the theater once the credits come on. Ever. There is a tag ending here.