One volunteer described it as a "humbling experience."
And now hospital workers are joining the cause.
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has been a long-time ally to the LGBTQ community, from his days as a legislative aide to his years on City Council and now in his first months as Mayor.
Since 2012 a battle has been raging between UPMC hospital workers like Chaney Lewis and CEO Jeffrey Romoff, who makes $6 million a year. Chaney has worked at UPMC for over nine years but still only makes $11.97 an hour. Consider this added offense: UPMC enjoys the status of "charitable nonprofit."
In a complaint filed last fall, the agency's counsel said it found merit in claims that the hospital had engaged in numerous
I wrote about the closing of UPMC Braddock Hospital in Braddock, PA on Huffington Post Living in October 2009. Pittsburgh
The closing of a cornerstone institution in the small but much talked about town of Braddock, PA, raises an important question: How should a community hospital work, really?