Comedian Andres du Bouchet recently went on a twitter tirade complaining about pretty much everything having to do with late night comedy.
From the relatable characters struggling with teen life before college, to the the off-kilter relationships between unlikely
Dazed and Confused is a fantastic movie, both for its quotability, and its ability to mask itself as a stoner pic when it’s
With legendary comedian Jim Carrey set to host SNL this Saturday and Dumb and Dumber To on the way, I thought it only appropriate
One of the greatest running gags in Seinfeld was the inclusion of fake movies the four characters would either talk about
It was interesting to see that, in her promos for this week’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Sarah Silverman made light
I personally like Yelp. Over the past few years, the only poor dining experiences I’ve had were a result of not consulting
If you’re not familiar with Key and Peele by now, what the hell’s the matter with you? The genius sketch comedians have had
If you were a fan of The Office you remember a few things: Michael Scott liked to make “That’s what she said jokes” Creed
Futurama is as unabashedly nerdy of a show as there has ever been on television. From its glorious tributes to sci-fi of
On Monday night, Ty Burrell will look to crush the hopes and dreams of his Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson for
By now, the whole world’s seen Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but if your viewing number isn’t in the double digits, you
It’s difficult to go a day without relating my life to an episode of Seinfeld. Whether it’s encountering the hundreds of
One great thing about Conan O’Brien is that he has embraced absurdity his entire comedy career. Just think: “Mr. Short Term
Despite all evidence to the contrary, maybe the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode will turn out not-embarrassing…possibly
Boasting a business degree from “one of the top business schools in Canada,” a deadpan charm, and the ability to keep the
A while back when I took on the unenviable scientific research process of ranking all of Jerry’s girlfriends from Seinfeld
Even at the age of 54, with a comedy career that has spanned more than two-thirds of his life, “Weird Al” Yankovic knows