uptown funk

A clip of a performance at President Donald Trump’s July 4th celebration has gone viral.
The music of 2015 had its positives and negatives, but most importantly, it had a distinct trend for popular music especially. Garage, House and Electronica genres of music dominated the charts last year more than any other and to some it was a fantastic year of music.
Jaz the parrot loves a good party anthem and isn't afraid to bust a move when he feels. Check it out!
Robert Downey Jr.’s “hot damn” will never be the same.
Sometimes, when you're really feelin' the music, you just. Gotta. Dance.  And that's exactly what Fred Rawicz did when he
Jeb Bush doesn't understand climate change: My daughters, 7 and 9, have a solid elementary school understanding of environmental stewardship. But if I asked them to explain global warming, they would likely be unable to do so using the language of science.
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