uptown funk

The music of 2015 had its positives and negatives, but most importantly, it had a distinct trend for popular music especially. Garage, House and Electronica genres of music dominated the charts last year more than any other and to some it was a fantastic year of music.
Jaz the parrot loves a good party anthem and isn't afraid to bust a move when he feels. Check it out!
Sometimes, when you're really feelin' the music, you just. Gotta. Dance.  And that's exactly what Fred Rawicz did when he
Jeb Bush doesn't understand climate change: My daughters, 7 and 9, have a solid elementary school understanding of environmental stewardship. But if I asked them to explain global warming, they would likely be unable to do so using the language of science.
The video has gotten over 2 million views alone just by being featured on The Ellen Show's "Ellentube." Clements says she's
Shangela is proof that hard work really does pay off. We all know she was on two seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race and given a lot of flak for her aesthetic. Yet, she is back and serving the kids "fish" on a platter with a super catchy song and video.
The New York City group that brought us "Shake It Off" for Hanukkah is now singing a new tune. Watch the matzo men of Six13
Treadmill routine a little boring? Maybe it's time to get a little funky with it. Uptown funky. And if you're looking for
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Watch it above. This flight attendant is giving new meaning to the term “fly girl.” Redditor “Simian_King,” who shared the
In a new video, the "Everything Little Thing" singer gives his best take on Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" -- dance