urban art

Red I, 44" x 36", oil on canvas Green II, 30" x 36", oil on canvas But trash, and engineered things, worn tools, cracked
"We want people to reflect on the contemporary city and the kind of life we live -- where nature is not present -- through art."
Introduced in New York last week at the decennial World Stamp Show, an eight-day stamp extravaganza visited by a quarter
Street artist RUN covers Essaouira’s main square with a mural of two people communicating across borders.
It's so obvious but it wasn't. How can your work help our over-stimulated society? I guess my mother would have said that
Back in the day it was considered a kind of vandalism that made cities dirtier and belittled their prestige, but today graffiti is capturing the global attention of travelers, artists and art critics and fueling a new kind of tourism.
Kosice, the second largest city of Slovakia, has come up with a bright and brilliant solution to spruce up a nondescript residential district.
If the art is any proof, the participants are clearly enjoying themselves. "I often say that the spray can has something
The city's mayor had 1,500 billboards, which were once covered with advertisements, replaced with reproductions of works