urban decay

In the midst of the nation's drug epidemic, we have to wonder what they were thinking.
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Women's rights are challenged in many parts of the world. The freedoms some of us take for granted, are an unrealistic dream for others.
Camilo José Vergara has spent nearly 40 years obsessively documenting poor, segregated neighborhoods, from the Bronx to Gary, Indiana.
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We won't solve the nation's "urban crisis" by labeling it such. Not doing so, however, means that we will not even begin to address in a serious manner those issues that over time could eventually destroy many of our American cities as we have known them.
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Preserving the communities and neighborhoods we live in is the responsibility of all of us. We must recognize the kind of society and community we wish to build.
Less than a week after winning the 2008 election, President Obama declared he would create a "White House Office of Urban Policy," signaling that cities once brushed aside by federal policies would be embraced as catalysts for progress.
Florida, of The Atlantic, called for the president to renew his commitment to advancing cities, citing problems that still
Of course it shouldn't be this way. There shouldn't be so much decay. This is America: the land of milk and money. But it is this way, and without national leadership, the housing crisis in the industrial heartland is unlikely to stop.
"It changed really radically in just one year, from having white-painted walls, pretty much functional, to looking like an
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Take a sneak peek at some of the photographs in "Detroit Is No Dry Bones" and "Detroit Disassembled" in the slideshow below