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Ford's rumored purchase of vacant Michigan Central Station raises the potentially ugly tradeoff between private cash and public benefit.
In collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Work for Better Bangladesh Trust (WBB) initiated thorough research
The future of humanity will be shaped by urban development.
There's a tiny glimmer of hope in a world of bad news.
Similarly, in an effort to re-plan Cairo and regain its competitive endowments and improve service delivery, the Egyptian
How can cities rise to meet big new challenges -- and serve more and more people -- with resources that are always stretched thin? By finding smart ways to use a resource that is always growing: Data. And more and more cities are doing exactly that.
Photo: Alf Storm Cairo faces similar challenges of overcrowded neighborhoods and overburdened transportation systems. Starting
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Who needs peace and quiet when you have the run of the opera, street festivals, and sports games, something different every night? These numbers can certainly help smart urban leaders continue to make city life as compelling as possible.
You can see big changes happening across America as communities from Fairbanks to St. Petersburg transform their streets into appealing places for people, not just cars and trucks.