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Was that a Halloween costume or did I photograph a dead guy?
People are seeing their neighborhoods in new augmented detail through the eyes of their mobile device. Some are giggling. Some are grimacing or perplexed, but they're all engaged.
Outspeak steps inside the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans to offer a harrowing reminder of Hurricane Katrina's devastating power.
Credit: Shutterstock Boston, MA Abandoned subway tunnels No surprise here, but Boston has abandoned subway tunnels, and they're
In Victorian England, a growing population and a lack of medical understanding resulted in a proliferation of so-called insane
Belgium Chateau Interior "Chairs and a coffee table sit in a pool of light below a beautiful skylight in a European mansion
Urbex and photographer Iain Bolton offer us a haunting glimpse into the town of Pripyat, the nuclear city established in February of 1970 to support a nearby power plant you might have heard of... It was called Chernobyl.
The shots of Brussels-based photographer Ferdinand Choffray will show you the timeless power of symmetrical composition. His
Fear no longer serves much of a purpose to our species. Modern humans have very little to be scared of in the natural world; there are no predators that actively hunt us. Truth is, the thing that poses the greatest danger to us is each other.
People love looking at photos of abandoned buildings. The more opulent a structure once was -- and the more dilapidated it
Still, people have broken in and recorded themselves -- like this fun video -- but you won’t get very far trying to slide
The High Line, Manhattan, New York: Honolulu-based non-profit arts collective Interisland Terminal seized an opportunity
Over the course of producing Unusual Spaces, I've encountered a recurring theme: Behind each fascinating unusual space, there are equally fascinating unusual people who have taken up their cause. Case in point: Paul VanMeter.
In his book Ghost Train through the Andes, author Michael Jacobs tells of how Bolivia's then-president, Aniceto Arce, saw a modern transport network as the key to his country's prosperity, transforming Bolivia into a 'land of the future'.
In 2008, a portion of the tracks between the Porte d'Auteuil and the Gare de Passy-la-Muette was opened to the public. The
"I love what I do but I find it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern," Palmer explained to The Huffington Post. "I think it’s