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Experiments gone wrong are a classic creepypasta setup, with The Russian Sleep Experiment being an all-timer. The Harbinger
Legendary "Pope Lick Monster" is supposed to appear along train trestle.
And you thought your nightmares were bad. 😱
From real-life historical characters to mythical creatures, Cheapflights names its top 10 most terrifying ghosts from around the world. Even better, we tell you where you might meet some of them!
A recent sighting of a historic urban legend has some in New Jersey locking their deadbolts and closing their blinds.
"The scary part is that there's a possibility this could happen to you."
SPECIAL FROM Grandparents.com We've all heard these wisdoms, from washing your hands with warm water, to not sitting on a
If I forgot my hat on confession day, I would burn in purgatory. If I forgot my homework, I would burn in purgatory. If I skipped Mass on Sunday, I would burn in hell.
1. Eat a watermelon seed and you'll soon find the fruit growing in your stomach. While it's true your body pumps extra blood
While the fear-fueled story of the Green Man is certainly the best kind of urban legend, filled with gruesome deaths, supernatural powers and a terrifying curse tailor-made to frighten teenagers, Ken Summers recently uncovered the true story of the Green Man, and it's a lot more sad than scary.