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Lastly, in Wisconsin that has historically been a blue stronghold (Clinton hasn't visited the State once since the Democratic
It seems that every time we look up, we hear about another infectious disease threatening people somewhere in the world. We
Today's kids spend less and less time outdoors, and it's taking a toll on their health and well-being. Research has shown
Kensington Park Gardens, Notting Hill, around 1900. Again, much of what makes this street special is no longer legal. Software
This article was originally published on Berkeley News. Read the original article. To measure overt racial attitudes, participants
The nanoparticles formed during combustion possibly contribute to Alzheimer's disease.
In their own words, their team is focused on bicycle culture, planning, traffic and communication, while they research the
After a weekend of unending fellowship, it became clear to me what Serenbe stood for. Why such careful preservation went
Contradictory evidence is emerging as researchers attempt to replicate Hart and Risely's study. In short, there seems to be tremendous variation in the number of words that children in different households and communities are exposed to, as well as in their quality.
As I hurried back to my car, I expected the wrath of DMV rush hour commuters (there's no wrath quite like it) to descend upon me in a fury of honks and expletives -- or worse! But to my surprise, there was absolute silence. Every car that passed slowly by rolled down their window to say "thank you", or give a silent thumbs up.