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Florida, one of the key states that led Trump to victory within the Electoral College, confirmed the same divide. Cities
By Drs. David Niesel and Norbert Herzog Finally, climate change is a factor that we sometimes overlook. An increase in temperature
The National League of Cities (which represents 19,000 municipalities and 218 million Americans) and the Children & Nature
To build anything now, you need an army of consultants to get though the permitting process. You need environmental reports
"One possibility is that blacks in racially hostile communities experience lower-quality health care, or may avoid seeking
The nanoparticles formed during combustion possibly contribute to Alzheimer's disease.
Picture this scene: it is sunny morning around 8:30 amid the roadwork in progress next to the Belgrade fair. I was waiting
A weekend of wondrous themed streets tucked perfectly in an ambiance of California cleanliness led me through towns of creative
Contradictory evidence is emerging as researchers attempt to replicate Hart and Risely's study. In short, there seems to be tremendous variation in the number of words that children in different households and communities are exposed to, as well as in their quality.
As I hurried back to my car, I expected the wrath of DMV rush hour commuters (there's no wrath quite like it) to descend upon me in a fury of honks and expletives -- or worse! But to my surprise, there was absolute silence. Every car that passed slowly by rolled down their window to say "thank you", or give a silent thumbs up.
Here's a challenge for people who think about organizations in 21st-century America: How do we demilitarize our notions of leadership?
Q: How do we better incorporate spontaneous plants and all their benefits into our city? ... A: By utilizing wild urban plants
Briana Robinson and Kevin Shackelford didn't exactly know at first. As they loaded Shackelford's video equipment into a car they borrowed from one of Briana's friends, they didn't know that what they would film that bright summer day would turn out the way it did.
William Kentridge's Triumphs and Laments: A Project for Rome In the last few days installation has begun on William Kentridge's
I first came across the "Share The Word" project in Kathmandu's largest slum. Narrow crooked alleys and crumbling shacks
Investment into Smart City solutions has never been higher, with much of it coming from the worlds construction giants. Experts
I recently viewed Chiraq. After reading some of the reviews, I realized that many people simply don't get Spike Lee's creative genius.
In 2010, Milpa Alta had the highest levels of poverty in all of Mexico. Given the dire situation, María Fernanda Carvallo
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