He criticism this season for his handling of domestic violence allegations against now-fired assistant Zach Smith.
The Buckeyes football coach will be sitting out the games with Athletic Director Gene Smith after the school investigation revealed they failed to take "sufficient management action."
Ohio State's embattled football coach denied having knowledge of a domestic abuse incident in 2015. Messages suggest he did.
The Buckeyes coach is facing questions about what he knew regarding an alleged 2015 domestic violence incident involving one of his former coaches.
The most important play in Jimbo Fisher's career wasn't a Jameis Winston touchdown pass in the Rose Bowl, or a coast to coast Dalvin Cook run. The play that changed everything for Fisher and his FSU program was made on a punt against an unranked team.
In recent years the arms race has come to the training table where the team dietitian has been replaced by a team of dietitians, and gourmet chefs have been hired by athletic departments.
On Monday, when Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer announced updated punishments for quarterback J.T. Barrett's recent drunk driving arrest -- a one-game suspension and revoked scholarship for the summer school term -- it exemplified everything wrong with college football.
Not all college football teams are treated equally. Some clearly get a pass when it comes to ranking, scheduling, who makes it to bowl games, and even the national championship. There's a clear demarcation between the "old money" and the "nouveau riche."
Some land mines are in the way of the Bucks' hopes for this season.
One of history's great college football stories has just been written. In my mind, it has massive implications for how one thinks about life and success. Appropriately, it occurred in the first year of the College Football Playoffs, which I nicknamed "January Justice."
Next Man Up It seems almost unprecedented for a team to lose one Heisman Trophy candidate before the season even starts and
At all levels of collegiate play, there are five things that all high school prospects should do to improve their chances of getting recruited for a football scholarship
Wisconsin and Ohio State meet in Indianapolis for the Big Ten Conference Championship Game, the first featuring the new "East" and "West' divisions of the conference.
In the aftermath his first loss as Ohio State's head football coach, Urban Meyer ate pizza. The Buckeyes' coach was spotted
Bacon talks about honor when he talks about how college players in the Big Ten should represent their teams, with a focus on academics and emerging as real student-athletes.
If Ohio State is going to make the BCS National Championship game, they must first prove their worth with a win over MSU, the only team in Big Ten history to win every conference game by double-digits and the best team the Buckeyes will have faced all season.
In what is the defacto Leaders division championship for the Big Ten, Ohio State enters its home contest undefeated and having won its games by an average of 37.3 points a game.
Multiple sources told Sporting News that Meyer—who won two national championships in six years at Florida and cemented his