urban outfitters controversy

At the time, the company said the online image that caused the outcry was a prototype. They had acknowledged the resemblance
Urban Outfitters is back in the news and, once again, it’s not for anything good.
When it comes to the business of style, there are some truths to accept: Fashion Week will ruin your Instagram stream, that
As a generation that supports change, social justice and healthy body image, Urban Outfitters continually tears away at what millennials value most, then promotes it in the form of overpriced T-shirts.
This post has been updated to include Urban Outfitters' apology. Urban Outfitters are selling a “vintage” Kent State jumper
Listen up, Urban Outfitters: Teaming up with a salon called "Hairroin," which uses "addicted" in its slogan, and handing out needle-shaped pens isn't funny or cute or even catchy. It's pathetic, sad and beyond poor taste. It's disgusting.
Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy. They have faced issues with copyright infringement before, as well as anti
Now we all will. Now Urban finds itself with its tail between its legs yet again. The big winner here? Depression, the Singapore
Similar controversies have erupted in the past when the retailer attempted to incorporate religious themes into its apparel
"I can't think of a circumstance for which it would be appropriate for Urban Outfitters to have a liquor license,” City Councilman
Prescription drug abuse among teenagers has increased 33 percent since 2008, Pasierb said, citing a study published by his
It goes without saying that this isn't Urban's first time in the headlines. The youthful retailer has been slammed for pro
Do you think the retailer has redeemed itself with the new product names? According to the AP, UO spokesman Ed Looram defended