urban photography

Camilo José Vergara has spent nearly 40 years obsessively documenting poor, segregated neighborhoods, from the Bronx to Gary, Indiana.
When I came across the photo series Nobody Walks in LA, I was speechless. Photographer Alex Scott spent two years capturing photographs of a completely deserted city for a project that was 10 years in the making.
On display from March 13-19 at The Mill in Rome, these nocturnal panoramas will be displayed only by the light of a few candles
Saumalya Ghosh. Indian Fish Market. Top view of a crowded roadside fish market in north Kolkata. Kolkata, India See the many
Take a look at the series below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. The British photographer constructs contemporary
Remember pay phones? Those things on the street you used to put change in when you got a beep on you pager. Those dinosaurs of the communications world are still around... for now. They are getting removed one by one.
And just as the benefits of these collaborations allow companies like iily issimo to reach new consumers, they also give